Monday, January 29, 2007

post #3 in 2007

Yes, this is only my third post of 2007. Can it be that I've got bored of this whole blog thing?

Truthfully it's bigger than the blog: I'm bored of the fucking Internet. Sure, I'll flip through a few sites during the workday, but I don't go much further than the NYTimes and CBC. I find that I'm not even e-mailing as much as I used to, which means I feel somewhat out of touch with a number of friends. (Yes, I mean you in Portland, and you in Santa Cruz, and you in Singapore - I'm not going to pull a magic mirror Romper Room thing and start naming them all, but you get the gist.) I guess if you want to look at the positive aspect of not spending much time on the computer, it might mean that I'm having an enjoyable January, one that's full of activity and (yes!) fun. The negative side is that I'm not writing as much as I should. The blog provides an outlet, and it's one that I seem to be shunning for the time being.

Will I make more of an effort to write? Stay tuned. I'll understand if I've already lost you.


dawnatello said...

still reading sometimes

Snooze said...

The Internet and its allure is just like any part of life. It waxes and wanes. Enjoy your time offline and if you feel the need to blog, you can come back to it.