Saturday, December 09, 2006

"To Do" List

A list of things I'd like to accomplish this weekend:

- Conquer my fears, embrace my desires
- buy a new pair of shoes, preferably Dr. Martens to replace my aging pair
- continue to get in touch with my poetic soul
- visit a friend's new house
- explore the whimsical
- buy milk, bread, kitty litter and other necessities
- stay warm
- burn some CDs for a couple of my U.S. friends to send as xmas gifts
- daydream
- buy new acoustic guitar strings
- revel in the dark, rebel in the light
- apologize and submit to love


Snooze said...

The last one is just beautiful.

dawnatello said...

wow that is alot to do in one weekend. that is like a years worth of work

corvus said...

Put it all together and it looks like a poem to me. Well, maybe not the Doc Martens one.

No, leave that in too.

writer_guy said...

Snooze: Beautiful, perhaps, but difficult.

Dawnatello: I came close! (BTW, did you know I still have a pair of your old Doc Martens? Honest!)

Corvus: I actually thought about making the post into a poem, but didn't have the requisite time to work on it. I'm a perfectionist, doncha know, even when it comes to my hackneyed poetry.

corvus said...

I'm a perfectionist too, so I gave up poetry long ago.