Friday, December 01, 2006

Mind at rest

My calendar says December, my blog title says November, yet here I am, posting. Is it because some habits die hard? Or maybe I have real concern for my readers' well-being? (I can picture the conversation in your head: "He's not posting anymore - how am I going to kill that minute that I used to read his blog?")

Actually, I'm posting because I feel like it. I guess that's going to be the tenor my relationship with this blog: if I feel like posting and have something on my mind, I'll fire it up. If not, I'll be quiet. I guess it basically means that anybody that has been visiting on a regular basis must continue to do so. Keep me in your favourites!

I'm writing today because I have some time on my hands: for the first time in quite a while, I'm taking the day off work. And not because I'm getting teeth pulled or braces put on, but simply because I wanted some time away from the workplace. "A mental health day," is what I told my colleague/supervisor. There usually isn't much incentive for me to take time off: being on contract (although they like to use the euphemism "casual employee"), I basically don't get paid for any hours I don't work. But there's also an advantage to that: I can take pretty much any day off I want - the only cost is to myself financially.

I'm taking the day to relax and reflect. It's been a somewhat chaotic few weeks, both at work and outside of it. It's nice to have a day to myself where I don't have to worry about "workplace issues," or doing any chores at home. My priorities today are puttering around the apartment for the rest of the morning, heading to the movies this afternoon, and then ... hmm, not sure yet. Maybe grab a beer or two at a bar and do some reading and writing.

And maybe buying an umbrella to stay dry!


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