Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day 30!

Well, I made it. To the end of November, I mean: the final day of the post-a-day challenge I started 30 days ago. (Actually, my first post was in October, but that was just to test the waters.) I've been thinking of all the ways I can mark this auspcious moment (blog wise, I mean; I have some thoughts about other types of celebration(s), but I'll keep those stashed away comfortably in the cozy confines of my brain...). And, rather amazingly, I have a spate a topics I still want to cover: an article in yesterday's paper about how the Indigo book chain will begin to carry Canadian small press books (I was going to criticize it because they're working exclusively with a US company), for example, or about book clubs and how I may (but most likely not) be joining one (the first meeting is tonight; thank god there is beer involved). I was also thinking about engaging in an old-fashioned rant about relationships, and include some spicy thoughts about sex, but unfortunately I'm at work and pressed for time to write this: that kind of post would take a lot more time and consideration than I currently have.

Instead, I'm just going to offer a few words on this whole experience, and writing in general.

Over the last 30 days, I've written on all kinds of topics, while trying my best to avoid the typical naval-gazing posts that I abhor on most blogs. What I've discovered, much to my surprise, is that it has rekindled an interest in "real" writing again.

* * *

I'm now writing this several hours later. The computer I was using at work started to make some strange noises, prompting a call to the IT guys. Thus I was prevented from finishing my thought. And of course now the "thought" or inspiration (or whatever it might have been) has been lost in the ether. (The worst new song on the new Who album, for those that are following such things: "In the Ether," sung by Pete Townshend. A Tom Waits-like tune that doesn't quite reach Waits-ian levels.) I ended up meeting up with the book club tonight, although I think I will extricate myself from it in short order. As I told the only person I like in the club as we were leaving the bar (a few hours after everybody else), I'd rather just hang out with her on the last Tuesday of every month rather than hang with ... well, the others, talking about a book I probably didn't want to read in the first place. Yes, I'm fairly anti-social: I have some ex-partners that will serve as witnesses.

Anyway, I suppose all I really wanted to say to wrap up the month was how much I've enjoyed this experience. I went in with some trepidation, but I seemed to have come out in good shape. Yes, I'm still struggling with certain aspects of my life, but I'm starting to write about them (on here, but primarily outside this venue). It's therapy for me, much needed.

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