Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Poetic soul

I was planning on writing about the GG Awards today - and literary awards in general - but I'm feeling decidedly bummed out and just can't seem to summon the requisite energy and intelligence. I had a remarkably (well remarkable for me) productive day at work, but I also couldn't shake a "heavy heart" feeling for most of it. I should have known from the start that I'd be feeling out of sorts: I awoke this morning after having a dream about the ex, which made me feel wistful and sad - not an ideal way to begin the day! And my e-mail inbox was deadly silent all day, which (and I know this is going to sound terribly odd and probably pathetic, but I seem to be writing it anyway) made me feel even more alone. Even my regular e-mail procrastination partner wasn't prolific today (although she has a good excuse: she's ridiculously busy with work to the point where she's canceling a planned outing for Thursday night). Ah well, tomorrow is another day, as they say. And the good news is that I rarely have two days like this in a row. I can be moody, to be sure, but not often will a bad, depressive mood last longer than 24 hours. I always have to remind myself that days like this are a regular function of my emotional system. Who knows, they're probably even healthy.

Off shortly to meet a friend (really more of a acquaintance since I don't see him all that often, although I'm sort-of responsible for him meeting his now-wife) for drinks. Good timing since I think I need something alcoholic to help numb the downcast mood. It's turning into a rather social week, which is a nice change of pace.

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