Sunday, November 12, 2006

Don't try this at home kids!

On a whim while vacuuming this morning, I decided to do some rearranging of the apartment. I've been living here for over a year now and thought that moving some of the furniture might give the place some renewed energy. The big change I decided upon was to move my bedroom - not the room itself, of course, but the bed and the bedside table. For those that haven't seen my apartment, I live on the second floor of a house that also has a small upstairs "loft." Since I moved in, I've been using that space primarily as an office (it also doubles as a place for storage, including my winter bike). But I find I haven't been utilizing the upstairs much anymore. As soon as the warm weather hit, I moved my main computer downstairs since it gets ridiculously hot and stifling up there in the summer. (There's no window in the loft, although apparently that's in the works for next year.) And it can a little bit chilly in the winter. As a result, the main occupant of the upstairs tends to be the cat: it's where I keep her food and litter box.

I've always liked loft spaces as bedrooms, so I decided I would move the bed up there for a few months (ie., through the winter) and see if I enjoy it. Yes, it does get cold in the loft during the winter, but I find I'm usually too warm in bed anyway. (I also have a new duvet, which keeps me toasty warm - often too toasty.) And since I'm not dating anybody, I don't have to worry about a partner's potential warmth in a cooler room. I would then move my "office" (such as it is, hence the quotes) into the old bedroom, and have it double as a place to read.

Along with friendship, companionship and sex, I've discovered one other wonderful benefit of being in a relationship: having someone help move the furniture! I got the bed frame up there fine, but I'm struggling big time with the box spring. I'm starting to wonder whether it will actually fit up the stairs, but when I look at it (and it's not easy to miss since it's about two feet from my face right now...) and the stairs, there's no reason why it shouldn't make it up there. I've decided it's a two-person job though. So as it stands, I'm waiting for a friend to come by and help me out. Cross your fingers. I'll provide an update later on my success or failure.

Update: Trial and error in getting the box spring up to the loft was primarily error. As a result, the bed is back in the old room and my furniture rearrangement plans are pretty much a bust. Must come up with a new solution to shake things up.

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dawnatello said...

note: you can buy a boxspring that is split in the middle for that exact purpose