Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bye bye, Rummy!

It's just too tempting to write about last night's US election - and it gets me off the topic of my teeth. As some of you might know (though I bet most don't), I'm something of a US political junkie. I've long been fascinated by US history - in fact, when in high school, I seriously considered studying American history for my undergraduate studies (it would have been a part of a larger study of international politics; I've written in the past on some of my other blogs about my regrets in my decision making in terms of my post-secondary education so I don't feel the need to tread those waters again!). It's such a wonderfully rich and fascinating history, not to mention that I rather like Americans - well, at least the Americans that I know (who seem to act more like Canadians, now that I think about it, particularly when it comes to their political leanings). Alas, my university studies took me in another direction, but I never lost my interest in American politics. (Clear evidence: I rarely miss This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday mornings.)

Naturally, I was quite happy this morning to wake up to the news that the Democrats took control of the House, and that they were deliciously close to winning the Senate. (Dubya can forget about trying to push through an overtly conservative Supreme Court justice if a vacancy pops up.) And really, I don't have much more to add from what the pundits have been saying all day (although this "clear signal of a new direction desired" as some are calling the results is not really that clear; after all, the country is still bitterly divided). And as for Rumsfeld's departure from the Pentagon? It's about time! Pity he couldn't take the other architect of the Iraqi War, Cheney, with him as he clears out his office. (One more aside: It bugs me to see the Republicans on the airwaves going on and on about "fighting Al-Qaeda" in Iraq. There was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq when the military invaded! They seem to be confusing sectarian violence and a civil war with the so-called war on terror.)

And Bush? Can anybody spell "lame duck"?

One more quick aside about the braces: I'm having my first social outing tonight with them on. I'm hooking up with a new acquaintance I met at a friend's party just over a week ago. I've warned her about the braces so it won't be a complete shock. Still, it's hard to get over feeling terribly self-conscious about them.

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