Tuesday, November 07, 2006

random musings

So I figure I should throw in some shorter posts on here. For one, the long posts tend to exhaust me, particularly on evenings after a long day of work. (And it was a long day: I was thrust into public service because of the flu bug that's making its way around the library.) And they give a break to my faithful readers, who I applaud for their stamina in reading my lengthier posts (although I have no way of knowing whether my readers - all four of you, I'm sure - are actually making it to the end of my ramblings).

The navel-gazing (ie., stupidity?) qualities of blogs
I was surfing through the channels last night after enjoying a hearty bowl of tomato soup and stumbled upon the Canadian hit show Corner Gas. It's a show I've seen a few times and generally enjoy. (Many years ago I saw Brent Butt hosting at a comedy club. I actually loath most stand-up comedy, but I thought he was wonderfully funny.) Last night's episode revolved around the slightly imbecilic Hank and his forays into the blogsphere. All I could think about is, "Geez, are my posts that pathetic?" It almost made me give up this November challenge.

The braces update
I'm going to resist the temptation (ok, it's not that tempting) to turn this blog into a braces blog. But I feel I would be remiss if I didn't mention what my first 24 hours as a braces-wearing adult was like. (24 down, another 13,000 or so to go...) The good news is that there was no pain today. Sure, a bit of pressure on the teeth, but nothing I couldn't handle. I guess the thing I'm going to have to get used is the feeling that there's food stuck in the braces and the wires - and the food itself being stuck in the braces and the wire! Thankfully I'm one of those rare people that truly enjoys brushing their teeth, so dipping into the loo to do a quick brush isn't such a big concern.

BTW, a big thank you to those offering their thumbs-up to the whole braces thing, especially those who have commented on this site. I'm feeling pretty self-conscious about the whole thing, so it's nice to get some support in this decision. It's very much appreciated, so thank you.

I'm reading the biography of Gwendolyn MacEwan, perhaps the finest poet this country has ever seen, and I think I have a crush. Unfortunately she's dead. Sort-of reminds me of the Who song Pictures of Lily.

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